Common Queries

-- How do I place an order?

You can place an order by clicking on the links I will post here on this website every week. The links will take you to an ordering page where you will be able to select from the menu. You can also follow my La Baguette Parisienne Facebook page so that you get the alerts when I post the new links for placing bread orders. This is the only way you will be able to order.

Why don't you offer croissants like you used to?

Croissant dough is a painstaking process for a home baker - it requires 3 days of laminating the dough with a rolling pin to get that beautiful honeycombing and flaky crumb. This is what did me in the first time I started this business, so I will only offer them occasionally. I'm very sad about that! 

What are the ingredients in your breads and pastries?

We use a combination of organic all purpose flour and artisan unbleached bread flour for all baguettes and boules. We use King Arthur all purpose flour for all pastries and brioche. Other ingredients we use: Organic Horizon whole milk, Land O' Lakes unsalted butter, Nest Fresh eggs, frozen sour cherries, Red Star yeast, and Morton sea salt.

Are any of your products allergen-free?

At this time, none of our baked goods are free of wheat, dairy, eggs, or nuts.

Do you really make everything from scratch?

Most emphatically, yes! That's why everything we bake is so incredibly delicious! There is no substitute for small batch, from-scratch baking!

-- What kind of payment methods do you offer?

You can pay by cash, in-person credit card (with The Square), or Venmo. 

-- Does the Health Department approve of this? 

Absolutely! We operate in full compliance with the Colorado Cottage Food Laws (CCFL). Baking and selling out of your home in Colorado is legal and supported statewide! This is why we are only able to sell breads and pastries at this time (nothing that has meats, cheeses, or fruits/veggies). Click here to read more about the CCFL.

-- Is there a retail store where I can

purchase your products? 

At this time, under the CCFL, we are only able to sell to you directly. If you know of anyone who would like to lease/trade their commercial or license-able kitchen in Frisco or Dillon/Silverthorne, let us know - we would love to speak with them!


Will you cater my event? 

Under the Colorado Cottage Food Act, I am not permitted to sell to a third party - only direct sales are permitted.

-- What are your hours of operation?

We operate by appointment only. That means our private home is not open to the public for unannounced visits.